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A Foundation Supporting the MSUFCU and OU Credit Union Communities

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Our Story


In 1937, eight faculty members of the Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Science founded the credit union and operated out of a desk drawer. A mere eight people, $3,000 in assets, a few folders shuffled into a drawer, and a singular goal: to help members achieve their dreams.

We have come a long way over the years. Drawers became filing cabinets, and filing cabinets became expansive online databases. We expanded to add Oakland University Credit Union, became the third largest credit union in Michigan, and reached a total of $4.6 billion in assets. Yes, much has changed. But our core values haven't. Since our founding, we have made our community a top priority. In 2019, our employees raised $245,014 for our charity partners and devoted 3,599 hours to volunteering for local organizations.

Now, after 82 years, it is time to reaffirm our commitment to the community. We have not forgotten the days of the desk drawer. We have not forgotten what it is like to start from nothing, guided by a common dream. We are excited to continue empowering those in our community to achieve their own goals just as we did all those years ago, out of a single desk drawer.

Impact of Our Employees

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The Desk Drawer Fund focuses on five philanthropic pillars:

Arts & Culture image

Arts & Culture

Supports theater, the visual arts, and artists to establish and promote creativity.

Stable Housing image

Stable Housing

Ensures support for all community members in securing reliable and safe shelter.

Empowering Youth image

Empowering Youth

Removes barriers for youth to share their ideas and empowers future leaders.

Financial Education image

Financial Education

Engages and educates community members to take charge of their finances.

Fostering Entrepreneurialism image

Fostering Entrepreneurialism

Empowers and educates entrepreneurs to develop skills and explore programs.

Statement from the Executive Director

Executive Director image - Whitney Anderson - Harrell

"The Desk Drawer Fund was established to further our dedication to our local community. MSUFCU has been a pillar of philanthropy, and we will continue to lead the way in encouraging investment in our community. We’re excited to continue empowering those in our community to achieve their own goals."

Exectutive Director signature

Whitney Anderson - Harrell

Desk Drawer Fund Executive Director

MSU Federal Credit Union Chief Community Development Officer

Board of Directors

Board member Angela W. Brown

Angela W. Brown


Board member Gregory Deppong, CPA

Gregory Deppong, CPA

Vice Chair

Board member Ernest Betts, Ph.D.

Ernest Betts, Ph.D.


Board member John R. Brick, Ph.D.

John R. Brick, Ph.D.

Board member Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson

Board member Steven J. Kurncz

Steven J. Kurncz

Board member Janet Lillie, Ph.D.

Janet Lillie, Ph.D.

Board member Bill Beekman

Bill Beekman

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to get funds for my nonprofit from the Desk Drawer Fund?


Yes, if you are a part of a nonprofit and are interested in applying please visit MSUFCU Community Involvement.

I donated, how will I receive a receipt for my donation?


If you donate in a branch, you will receive a receipt at the time of donation. If you donate by mail, you will receive a receipt within 4-6 weeks for one-time donations.

If I donate to the Desk Drawer Fund, do I have an opportunity to weigh in on what local organizations are supported?


Donated funds will be dispersed throughout our five philanthropic pillars. The Desk Drawer Fund welcomes donation requests to benefit nonprofits in the MSUFCU and OU Credit Union communities. If there is a nonprofit you are a part of, please submit a request on behalf of the nonprofit at MSUFCU Community Involvement.

Why should I give to this foundation and not directly to another charity?


Desk Drawer Fund welcomes members of the MSUFCU and OU Credit Union communities to support our local communities through the Desk Drawer Fund. The Desk Drawer Fund focuses on five philanthropic pillars: Arts & Culture, Stable Housing, Empowering Youth, Financial Education, and Fostering Entrepreneurialism. Donations to the foundation will go to supporting these five pillars and provides the means to give back to your local community.

Are the funds I donate tax-deductible?


The Desk Drawer Fund has received IRS recognition of its exemption from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Desk Drawer Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Why did you not support my selected charity when I am a donor?


Desk Drawer Fund welcomes all donation and sponsorship requests from local nonprofits. If you would like a nonprofit to be reviewed for monetary or in-kind support, please have the nonprofit complete a donation request form at MSUFCU Community Involvement.

Where will my donated funds go?


The funds will be distributed among the five pillars; Arts & Culture, Stable Housing, Empowering Youth, Financial Education, and Fostering Entrepreneurialism.

Can I donate directly online from my MSUFCU/OU Credit Union account?


Yes, donations may be made via ComputerLine! Members will be able to login to ComputerLine directly from the Desk Drawer Fund website. Members will also be able to make single or automatic reoccurring donations.

Can I donate if I am not an MSUFCU/ OU Credit Union member?


Yes, you can send the donation along with the Charitable Donation Form by mail at PO Box 4638, East Lansing, MI 48826-4638 or visit one of our branch locations-